There is something simply magical about exploring the best villages in Goa. Scroll on to find out the best charming villages irrespective of whether you are a youngster, bachelor, or married. 


1. Assagao


Assagao is a small village located at Velhas Conquistas of Bardez. A road from Mapusa town taking you turn on the top hills carries you to this spot. The way here is partitioned into two; on the way you'll see the Parish church St. Cajetan, The Assagao Union School and the Anjuna's principal Parish church St. Michael road will take you to Vagator ocean side. The second leads towards toward the west and moves to Pallotine Seminary of Badem. This is abundantly changed now than it was before, the valleys here which are connected by main road through junction are known as Crossandra Flowers.


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2. Agassaim


Agassaim is a small village situated in the Tiswadi taluka in north Goa. This interesting village is notable in Goa for the famous Goan sausages. People come here to get the best hotdogs of Goa. Indeed, even today a number of houses exist that actually sell them.


The Goa Agacaim village has countless palm trees and one frequently passes it while going or coming from the airport located in Dabolim. There are some good restaurants that serve delectable Goan dishes. One can get some good seafood here. At Agassaim, on the way between Panaji and Margao, there is a restaurant amidst the obscure palm groove that is great for seafood and Goan food.


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3. Agonda


Agonda is a small fishing village located in the Canacona taluka in South Goa. It is encircled by around 120 sections of land of forest and is notable for the Agonda beach. The ocean side in Agonda is 2 kms in length and is a desolate ocean side, bordered with palms and casuarinas. It is an extremely tranquil spot and is great for sightseers in quest for some isolation.


4. Anjuna


Anjuna is located around 18 km from Panaji and 8 km from Mapusa. It is the spot from where Goa tourism took off. It immediately procured a standing for drugs, partying and opportunity subsequent to being found by the hipsters in 1970s. There are parties that occur here in the nights, the greatest ones being during Christmas and New Year time.


From the northern end of Anjuna that has a high laterite bluff extending out into the ocean, a 1-5 km soil track dives toward the south to the renowned Anjuna flea market and the sandy ocean side. Each Wednesday a flea market is held at Anjuna beach. This market is exceptionally famous among the sightseers and is large and spread over the Anjuna shore where anything and everything can be found. It got its name as individuals expected the merchandise that was offered here to be infused with bugs.


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5. Arambol


Arambol or Harmal is the biggest coastal village in the Pernem area of Goa. Located at around 50 km from Panjim and 32 kms northwest of Mapusa, the village involves a customary fishing local area and has a cool and wonderful climate. The villagers in Arambol are cordial and the spot is less touristy permitting you to have a nearby encounter of local life and culture. Many Hindus live her and football and cricket are the popular sports appreciated by individuals here. A church known as the Church of 'Our Lady of Mount Carmel' serves the religious interests of all the Catholics here.


6. Assnora


This spot is more renowned for mining belt, which is primary wellspring of financial earnings for some thousands of individuals. There is little commercial center here called Assnoddcho Bazaar, its customary market that takes place every Tuesday. There two bridges here, one is the renowned Assnora Bridge, which was separated by Portuguese during Goa Liberation to stop the Indian Army coming here, and is built over the Par River. Other one is the Bandar Bridge, lying in the paddy field encompassed by coconut trees, green documented. This bridge is connected to Sirigao which is popular for Hindus famous Zatra Shirgaumchi Zatra.


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7. Alorna


Alorna is a beautiful village situated in the Pernem taluka in North Goa. It is notable for the Alorna iron grip that is in the taluka of Pernem on the banks of the Chapora River. The site is around 31 km from Panaji and the region is very remote.


The fort was built by Bhonsales of Sawantwadi in the 17th century to shield against the Maratha attacks from the north. It was caught by the Portuguese in 1746 and later attacked in 1781. Today, two barracks exist as leftovers of the prior fort but the fort is in ruins. Inside is a house however it has all the earmarks of being deserted. Tragically, Alorna fort isn't available to travelers.


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8. Betul


Betul is known for its Betul beach and the cool environment here. It is a spot situated in the Salcete side of Goa. This spot is a one-hour distance from Margao. Individuals live respectively and the nights are truly impressive where every one of the youths and ladies meet up for a little visit. Fishing is the main occupation here.


Even The Mariott Hotel is located here in Betul. Many individuals know nothing about this spot for what it's worth, a town like spot comprising of many stunning cottages and not more than 60 individual houses. Betul’s ocean side is located on the south of Goa. Betul Beach is comparatively a small beach, but attractive.


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9. Chapora


Chapora is a beautiful village around 10 kms from Mapusa in North Goa. The village is subordinate on fishing and boat building and being squatted in the shadow of a Portuguese post on the opposite, northern side of the headland from Vagator, it is usually more occupied than most north coast villages.


10. Dhargalim


Dhargalim is one of the lovely villages in terms of its lavish green open country and cool atmosphere found 10 km from the clamoring Mapusa city and is totally an unblemished spot. The road from the Colvale span drives us to this happy segregation settled in the core of the lavish green knolls with not a very remarkable populace subsequently reducing most, if not all, connection with the more vigorously populated regions in Salcete, Ilhas, and Bardez.


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11. Pirna


Pirna is a village located in the Bardez taluka of Goa that is an ideal spot for an end of the week getaway as it is encircled by the Sahyadris range, the Dhove Lake and a waterfall. The village of Pirna was once managed by the Moors. The pioneers here involved themselves in laterite-quarrying, sand extraction and dairy farming. The spot shows the traditional vigor of the Hindus and Christians. There is a church located in the Pirna village that was built in 1952 known as the church of Our Lady of Victory. Close to the waterfall, there is a little house of prayer.


12. Rivona


Rivona is a small village located in the Sanguem taluka at around 2 km southeast from the main road of Zambaulim. This village has an obscure history. It is known for its invigorating springs and verdant excellence. Rivona is otherwise called the support of Indian civilization where Buddhist legends moved ahead. In the previous days, while passing through Rivona, a gathering of travelling Buddhist priests chose to set-up their University here. Thus Rivona turned into the house of the Rishis and proof of this can be found in the caves at Rivona.


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13. Warkhand


Warkhand is a small village in Goa's northern most towns known as Pernem. It is situated at around 15 km from Mapusa. Here one can have a stunning view of the hills and slopes descending into a plain. It is a Hindu village where the existence of the villager’s spins around the Shree Mauli Shantadurga temple the zatra of which is held in December.


The Pandava caves are the primary fascination in the Warkhand town in Goa and furthermore one can track down an enchanting spring here. The region has a forest and one can see some animals such as tigers, peacocks, wild boars, porcupines, and deer’s.


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14. Velsao


Velsao is in the South of Goa and is one of the liveliest vacationer locations in the beach capital of India. Aside from the islands off Vasco, the other spot worth a visit is the Chapel of Three Kings on a slope at the close by village of Velsao which is 15 km away.


15. Borim


Borim is a small pleasant village at Ponda in Goa that is located at around 34 km from Panaji and 12 km from Margao. It is renowned for the Shri Navdurga Sausthan temple which is one of the popular spots in Goa. The temple houses the temple of Goddess Parvati.




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