Summer holidays in New York City or Greece?
Some people plan their lives and their holidays well in advance, but due to travel blogging, we keep getting our plans changed…sometimes just few weeks before realizing them. If we were first planning to spend 3 weeks in Greece for…

There are so many different cuisines to be tried around the world, but sometimes we just crave the taste of home. Things can get difficult when you’re trying to locate great Indian food abroad, and if this is something very …

Top 10 Resorts In Seminyak That Bring Out The Absolute Best Bali Has On Offer
Bali’s upscale and stylish neighbourhood, Seminyak makes a great base for exploring the island’s myriad attractions. Though just north of Kuta, it seems like a world apart with its luxury resorts, designer boutiques and touch of class. Resorts in Seminyak offer the best of both worlds: access to secluded and pristine beaches as well as proximity to bustling markets, excellent restaurants and shopping destinations.

2 Family Cruise Holidays in Hong Kong You Just Can’t Miss
With this fun-filled tour package, you and your family would explore different parts of Hong Kong and Macau. Take a short excursion to the Kowloon Waterfront, a 400-meter stretch with picturesque views of the gorgeous Victoria Harbour. Enthral your exploratory senses with a tram ride to the Victoria Peak that offers a panoramic view of Hong Kong’s skyline. Accompany this with the wax museum of Madame Tussauds, to thrill your little ones.